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First let me tell you a simple truth you can apply to your fitness program. 99 out of 100 men barely scratch the surface of using all their powers to achieve what they want in life. Not just fitness goals but everything! Now hang with me for a minute and let me explain.

Why is it that so few achieve so much? For example, the wealthiest 1% owns more financial wealth than the bottom 95% combined. How is the level of disparity in human achievement explained?

What was so unique about Henry Ford, Opra, Bill Gates, Muhammad Ali, Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger? People with great achievements in life. What caused it? Were they born with powers beyond the average person? I bet if you asked their family and children that they would be amused.

The fact is these individuals were able to tap all their powers and abilities. The same powers and abilities we all have (assuming normal intelligence). But 99 out of 100 people run around operating at 10%, 25% or 50%.

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One characteristic high performance people have is they use experts and the proper tools. Think of 1MR as a tool to boost your fitness game up a notch.

Use 1MR to get through a complete, tough workout, or add cardio to your normal resistance routine, or just get going and get the workout started.

Read on for more facts and a detailed overview of the pre-workout supplement 1MR.

Based on extensive research and experience, this summary will help you decide if this pre-workout supplement is right for you.

Know that there are a lot of supplements on the market and it really does pay to look at them carefully.  They are not all the same.  The ingredients and mode of action vary widely.

So lets take a look.

1MR Review - Will It Build Muscle?

To improve your physique, build muscle, get stronger or improve athletic performance then you need results in two areas.  Number one is workouts and number two is nutrition.  It really is that simple.  A pre-workout supplement, like 1MR, helps in both areas.  Read on to find out how.

I’m sure you know the importance of growth inducing workouts.  But more important than the number of hours you spend in the gym is...

...the quality of your training.

Pre-workout supplements bring a heightened mental focus and energy to your workouts.  The stimulants effect on your central nervous system (CNS) actually produces a heightened sense of awareness.  It takes less effort to maintain your focus under CNS stimulation.  The extra energy helps you blast through killer workouts...

...eking out one more rep (1.M.R.).

Another  way 1MR helps your workouts is with its vasodilation, or widening of blood vessels properties.  Rushing blood and nutrients to the muscles promotes the building process.  The widened blood vessels are also more capable of removing waste product and improving muscle recovery.

Pre-workout supplement products market this benefit as the extra "pump" you feel in your muscles while lifting.

And  the nutrition angle is targeted with 8 of the 15 ingredients.  I'll explain more about specific ingredients below.

Many experts agree diet and nutrition account for more than half your physique improvement results.  Especially for beyond novice exercisers.

First off understand that 1MR, unlike many other supplements on the market, is ultra-concentrated.  It is made without unnecessary ingredients other products use to imply value.

This is very important to understand because it has serious health advantages. Your liver is not working overtime to remove and filter "no value" and unnecessary ingredients found in other supplements.

1MR Side Effects

Know that positive results are documented with the ingredients in 1MR but supplements carry the risk of some unpleasant side effects.  Common ones being noted with pre-workout products are tingling, itching, insomnia, gastrointestinal discomfort/diarrhea, headaches, dehydration, dry mouth and energy crash afterwards.

None of these are nice to experience.  However everyone is different and side effects vary a lot from person to person.  You have to try it for yourself and see how it affects you.  I would be cautions and half the dose to start if you are sensitive to caffeine.

How Does 1MR Work?

Now let’s discuss exactly how this supplement works.

There are fifteen ingredients in 1MR Proprietary Formula...1MR

  1. L-Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate
  2. Beta Alanine
  3. L-Taurine
  4. L-Tyrosine
  5. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  6. Creatine Monohydrate
  7. Caffeine Anhydrous
  8. Gauarana
  9. Yerba Mate
  10. 1,3-Dimethylamylamine
  11. Schizandra A
  12. Niacin
  13. Grape Seed Extract
  14. Vitamin C
  15. Red Wine Extract

The two main ways 1MR does its work is:

  1. Providing energy to have great workouts and...
  2. Supplying muscle building nutrients.

1MR Energy Ingredients

Ingredients 7, 8, 9 and 10 are the energy and mental focus components... or stimulants.  This mixture of compounds, each with its own unique rate of absorption and short-term/long-term effects, helps to avoid energy crash.  The mixture also has synergistic properties... where the results of the mixture are more potent than the individual ingredients added together.

Research studies show improved endurance performance, delayed fatigue and enhanced fat loss with caffeine/energy supplements.  These results come from the central nervous system stimulating effects of the energy components.

They make muscle fibers easier to activate.

Concerned About 1.M.R. 300mg Caffeine Dose?

The recommended caffeine dose for athletic performance improvement is 5 - 6mg/kg of body weight.  That means a single serving of 1MR is ideal for an exerciser who weights 120 lbs.

But this formula does not factor in the "cocktail" nature of the proprietary energy blend.  The varied energy/caffeine components synergize and increase the activity and potency of the product.

1.M.R. Muscle Nourishment And Enhanced Delivery Components

Of all the non-energy components in 1MR, creatine is the most proven with positive test results.  There is tons of research on active adults showing positive results with creatine on:

  • Increased Body Mass
  • Increased Lean Mass
  • Strength
  • Recovery
  • Endurance

In one example, a large study of 100 peer-reviewed journals found a significant increase in lean body mass related to high-intensity, short duration training with creatine.

Most of the other ingredients are support components and are not proven by independent researchers to produce results.

For example, the component reported to increase nitric oxide (NO) levels and improve strength is arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG).  While manufacturer studies cite gains with the supplement, there are no research studies in peer-reviewed journals to support the claim...

...that an increase in nitric oxide levels promotes greater muscle protein synthesis or improved strength.

What Does All This Mean for Me?

I know I run the risk of confusing people if I talk too much about the science of 1MR, although it is important and I will discuss more facts in a moment.

What you need to take from this so far is that there are two key ingredients that are proven to help improve your fitness.  Granted, they are tested and they work, but I would not take them 100% of the time...

...this is a product to cycle on and off.  For example, use pre-workout supplements during the most intense stage of your  periodization schedule.  Like the six weeks before you are trying to peak for competition, an event, a vacation, etc.  Or use it during a six week concentrated effort to build muscle... maybe your "off-season" if you have a specific physical activity you participate in.

This supplement is great anytime if you need to complete a workout after a long and exhausting day or you are short on sleep.

Evidence is Key

Its all well and good to state that the ingredients in 1MR work and will help people with better workouts and muscle development nutrition, however I think it is better to show the evidence.  When I looked into this supplement I found plenty of good information about testing done on the key ingredients in 1MR in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, The Journal of Family Practice and the Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology.

The evidence here indicated that oral creatine played a significant and positive role in helping young men achieve improved strength and increase lean body mass.

One of the quotes I find in International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism: “Creatine supplementation has improved repetitions accomplished, mass lifted, force and power generated, and work accomplished during high intensity short duration isotoning, isometric, isokenetic and leg ergometer exercises.”

Customer Feedback

Scientific evidence is always helpful however I also researched actual consumer responses to see what people where saying about 1MR so I could get some balanced feedback.  On a whole most of the reviews I read where very positive.  The biggest lesson I learned apart from people who said they really can feel 1MR kick in energy wise within 20 minutes, was that they had better workouts... lifting more weight in less time.

Some people combine additional creatine after their workout.  At 8 grams of powder per serving of 1MR divided between 15+ ingredients results in less than 533 mg per ingredient.  The exact dosing in 1MR's proprietary blend is unknown but I doubt you get the full 5,000 mg recommended dose of creatine in a serving of 1MR.

Many users are amazed that a product with this much punch is available without  a prescription.

Another interesting comment from users is that a lot of people were getting great results from taking lower dosages than recommended on the product label, so you might want to try this yourself if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Negative Feedback

Several users report dehydration and dry mouth when taking this product.  They also comment about itching and tingling sensations.

Gastrointestinal problems and insomnia were also reported.

Other non-proprietary ingredients in 1MR are Acesulfame K and Sucaralose.  These are artificial sweeteners blended together to to taste like sugar but without the calories.  Health minded users claim they would rather have the calories from sucrose, dextrose or fructose than the artificial sweeteners (or Stevia without the calories) .  These other sweetening options would drive up product cost.


Determined to build muscle and improve your fitness?  I recommend you model what works for others and see how it works for you.  I mean we are not talking about a $3,000 exercise machine purchase here.  Invest $30 and see how a pre-workout supplements works for you.  If you are troubled by a training plateau or need an extra push to reach your fitness goal then a pre-workout supplement is a safe and proven option for you to try.  However you also need to be realistic and know that not everyone respond to all supplements the same way.  So although 1MR works for most it may not work for everyone all the time.  No supplement does.

Customer Service

The good news is that you can try 1MR from established and trustworthy distributors, like tigerfitness[dot]com and even amazon.  Generally, with these type products, if you have opened it you can return it for exchange or store credit.  Unopened product may always be returned within 30 days of purchase.

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nutrition supplementsEvidence is mounting to support the claim that many nutritional supplements are contaminated with chemicals that are not listed on the label and which are untested regarding their health safety.  Ironically, these are products sold at health stores and nutrition centers, plus being widely available online.  The U.S. government has not closely regulated the dietary supplement industry since 1994.  The bottom line is the consumer must beware!

Dietary supplements proving to be of special concern are those that claim to increase testosterone, the male hormone (androgen) that is also central to the action of ‘anabolic steroids’.  This class of supplements, in pill, capsule and powder form, are touted to be ‘pro-hormones’ with the presumption that they might be converted to testosterone when ingested.  However, research is proving that these chemicals don’t generally raise testosterone or build muscle in men but instead cause strange by-products to appear in the body, with some being found in urine.  Some of these same byproducts are the chemical markers that identify athletes who are taking illegal anabolic steroids.  Therefore, some athletes who are taking dietary supplements are testing positive for anabolic steroids without gaining any muscle building benefits.  To these athletes the biggest harm may be the penalty dealt by the governing body.

Yet, some supplements seem to really contain “androgenic steroids”, although they are not listed on the label.  The International Olympic Committee Laboratory in Cologne (Geyer et al. (2000; Deutche Z. Sportmed. 51: 378-382), Germany, detected androgenic steroids in products claiming to be chrysin, saw palmetto, tribulus terrestris.  When volunteers ingested 1 capsule of these products, their urine levels of Norandrosterone ranged from 34-623 ng/ml.  The IOC threshold for a positive ‘steroid’ test is 2-5 ng/ml.  The take-away here is some shady manufacturers include the prohibited substance because they know it works…  the customers will keep coming back.

On the flip side, some supplements are sold as containing various ingredients but do not contain any trace of these compounds!

To support and validate this problem, the National Football League knows this is a serious concern (the unregulated dietary supplement industry).  They are searching for supplements that can be guaranteed not to be contaminated.  So the warning should be heeded not just by athletes but anyone taking potentially contaminated dietary supplements or products that are mislabeled.

nutrition supplementsIf you haven’t ever used vitamins or supplements to increase the nutrients you get on a daily basis, finding the vitamins that are right for you be confusing. Deciding which vitamins or supplements to take and how much to take to improve your health is a difficult decision because there are so many options available these days. The quality of these vitamins and supplements is also hard to measure because many of the brands may be unfamiliar to you. So, the best way to start learning about the vitamins and supplements that may be beneficial to your health is to simply do a little research.

Vitamins and supplement are nutritional enhancements that include a wide variety of products and are available at almost any store. Generally, vitamins and supplements in tablet, capsule, liquid or powder form are composed of, derived from, or byproducts of foods that are considered to provide a multitude of health benefits. This definition also includes vitamins and supplements that are synthetically manufactured to recreate the same properties of these food derivatives. The health benefits of vitamins and supplements are based on uses in both traditional medicine and modern research.

Vitamins and supplements can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be high in certain nutrients, may be used to cure a specific ailment, or be taken for an overall increase in general health. While most vitamins are trusted for their health benefits, you have to be careful that you don’t raise your expectations too high when you start taking them. This is because some manufacturers make false claims as to how helpful their vitamins and supplements will be. Remember that while vitamins and supplements can benefit your health in many ways, but they generally aren’t miracle cures. If a manufacturer makes claims that seem too good to be true, they probably are. There claim may be stated as their product “supports” so-and-so. That is usually a dead give-away that there are no medical/scientific peer reviewed research studies to validate the claim.

Vitamins come in every shape and form including tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, jellies, creams, wafers, etc. Because vitamins and supplements are essentially derived from food, fruit-vegitheir potency and shelf life will vary. Always check the expiration date before buying any vitamins or minerals. Also, look at the way the product has been stored on the shelf. What kind of packaging is it in? Is it stored in direct sunlight or under fluorescent lighting? Is the store cooled and heated properly? All of these factors will affect the potency of the vitamins or supplements. So make sure that the vitamins you buy are stored correctly.

If you don’t understand how to use a particular vitamin or supplements ask questions. It helps to try different stores searching for helpful and knowledgeable staff. The person at the store where you are buying your vitamins and supplements may just be a clerk and have no working knowledge of what they are selling; or they may have advanced dietetic education and personal use experience. If you don’t have anyone to ask, you will have to rely on the product labeling and the information that you find on the internet or local library to answer your questions.

Make sure to take a dosage of the vitamin or supplement that will be effective for your intended purposes, but make sure that you do not take too high of a dosage. Vitamin and supplements in large doses can be harmful. Also, find out if the vitamins that you are going to be taking will interfere with any other medication you might already be taking by asking your doctor.

You may be uncomfortable taking vitamins and supplements at first, and you may not get the same effect from them right away as you would from traditional medicine. This is perfectly normal. The positive effect of vitamins and supplements happens gradually; unlike traditional medication, which can have an immediate effect. Also, if you tell someone that you are taking a vitamin or supplement for an illness, they might not understand why you are not taking medication. The main thing to remember is that whether you take vitamins and supplements for general health or specific reasons, you should be the one responsible for knowing what you feed your body.